The Promise by Ha-gue-A-Dees-Sas

Today I would like to share with you a poem by Stan Hughes aka Ha-Gue-A-Dees-Sas, from his book Medicine Seeker

The Promise

My child.. This advice you must heed.
Please never take more than you need.

Promise to do these things I say,

I’ll care for you in every way.

In Spring… I’ll make the grasses grow.

I’ll sing to call the Buffalo.
As Summer walks the waking lands,

I’ll pull the Roots with my own hands.

Red Berries sweet will paint the Fall.
The Deer will answer to my call.

When Winter comes, it will be mild.

These things I promise you, My Child.

Choose NOT to honor my request

You’ll always wander in your quest.

Seeking, not finding your true home.

Lost nomads, empty and alone.


You see what Stan says in his poem is that it is not enough to say you are on the right path… but to actually walk the walk of that path. You must have honor not only for mankind but for the Earth and it’s entire contents and that incudes honor for yourself as well. With everything we do we must do it with love and honor and respect. It is not enough to just say what we believe .. we must live what we believe and we must do that every day .. not just for an hour or two on Sundays and maybe Wednesday nights for an hour.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide


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