Positive Infection

That’s right “Infection” ….

Today I want to speak about spreading positivity …

Everyone seems to be able to spread the flu and other viruses so easily .. I thought .. ok lets see how far we can spread some positivity..

My challenge for everyone is for the next 30 days … as you go through your day and come across that one negative, nasty, bitter, angry person that everyone runs into .. do something or say something or maybe even just smile and if nothing else give them a silent blessing in a positive way in hopes to spread positivity.

Lets see how much we can change our own worlds by consciously setting out to spread positive thoughts and feelings to those in need.

Don’t just spread them to the negative folks out there .. be sure and lend some extra positivity to the already positive as well.. for there is never too much ..lol

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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