The Rainbow

Ok with so much stuff about rainbows today I must .. yes I must blog about it …lol

So have you ever thought about what it is about rainbows that make people stop in their tracks and take notice…. how it makes them feel happy and warm inside and how no matter what is going on in your life.. when you see a rainbow .. you feel hope… have you ever wondered about that?

I bet you thought it was just the many colors in the rainbow and how beautiful it is that did all that…. I know for the longest I thought the very same thing .. it is a natural wonder and beautiful to boot ..

Then one day I asked .. I said silently to myself and the Creator .. What is it about the rainbow?

He said to me.. Silly girl, don’t you see.. it is the bridge to heaven.

And with that one whisper I understood .. enough said.

So if rainbows made you smile before… now you can smile inside and out brighter than before.. because you have the same knowing as I.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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