Understanding begins at home.

Before we can have understanding for others we must begin by understanding ourselves.

Spirit urges me to ask a few questions:

Do you understand yourself?

Do you understand your decisions?

Do you understand your needs/wants?

Do you understand where you are and why?

Do you understand your mistakes?

Do you understand your wins?

Do you understand your progress?

Do you understand ?

Do you understand your own pain?

Do you understand your own happiness?

and most of all do you have “understanding” for yourself?

In order for us to truly learn and grow we must understand the ins and outs of ourselves, what we do, where we go, the why, what, who, when and where of ourselves…. we must not only understand these things but have “understanding” as well..

There will be some that do not understand today’s message … and that’s ok .. let it go and don’t worry about it … there will be those that completely “UNDERSTAND” and those are the ones who are now thinking over the message and are smiling.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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