When worry occupies the mind …

When worry occupies the mind … be sure and cast away those mindful troubles before going to bed.Step outside and cast your worries away for the night so that you can get a peaceful nights sleep.

Worry through the night can cause illness, headaches and along night of tossing and turning

There are many way to let go of those worries.. or should say many techniques..A few are: Before bed write them down and burn the paper before going to bed… Designate a worry stone.. at night before bed .. place your worries on the stone and place it outside on the ground so that the Earth can take those worries away

Prayer always helps. Cast your worries to the heavens before bed

A shower or bath before bed is helpful to wash away the worries and also good at helping you relax …

These are just a few ways to help release worries from your mind before bed…

Many Blessings and Sweet Dreams,
Angel Guide

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