Spirit is Speaking…..

I feel Spirit speaking to me today and so I have to relay the message/messages…


BE YOURSELF!!!!! Not sure who this is for but Spirit is screaming as though this person is having a difficult time just relaxing and maybe even being comfortable and open with their own self.. BE YOU … Stop worrying about what others will think … You will never find happiness hiding who you are .. don’t be afraid .. just relax and allow yourself to BE YOU.


I can’t let go of this issue I’m picking up with someone and a garden … I really don’t know what the message is but I keep seeing the garden and the feeling I get is frustration… or something similar ….. and even some sort of sadness or disappointment


Hold the bar… again no clue what that is suppose to mean … I just get “Hold the bar”


If you need help.. ask for it … don’t trouble yourself or worry yourself to the point of making yourself sick when you are in need of help from someone else … seek out the help and your troubles will fade away .. the problem will be resolved… you just have to stop worrying about it and ask for the help.


Those wings … yes … you know the ones I’m talking about .. those are indeed the wings of angels.


The door is open… you just have to step through it now. Don’t let your fears stop you from walking forward.


Why do you question so much what is put in front of you? When Spirit speaks.. listen .. don’t question. The signs have been put before you again and again .. stop convincing yourself that you are wrong and that they are not what you feel they are… TRUST


The dog is barking so much because he is trying to warn someone ….. once you understand the warning .. the dog will stop barking


Do you have your ducks in a row?


The first draft is done.. there will be a few more so don’t get frustrated … it will all come together when the time is right … just don’t give up … you are on the right path .. going in the right direction.


I hope these messages make sense to those who needed to see them today

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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