Beneath the October Moon

Beneath the October Moon.. what’s that I see
Strange and exciting things have come to be

Once unseen, now visible to the eye
Witches, goblins and spirits.. Oh My!

What are they doing, why are they there
Have they come to cause a fright… a great big scare!

Up on their broomsticks and soaring through the sky
The year is now turning and the leaves are beginning to die.

Red, yellow, brown and gold
The days grow short as the nights grow cold

Be thankful now for the harvest reaped
Who’s that stepping through the veil to take a peek?

Those once here but now passed away
Have come over to say hello as they go on their way

Candles are lit for a safe passage through
Don’t worry , only silly ghosts say BOO!

From here to the other side they shall pass
The year has flown by way too fast

Hug the ones you love and hold them tight
Keep them in your prayers and thoughts each and every night

Life is short, you never know when it may end
Many blessings for peace and love I now send.

From my heart these words now pass from me to you
May Blessings fall upon you and all your wishes and dreams come true!

Angel Guide

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