Wedding Dreams

The night before last I had an amazing dream and just had to share….. LOVE those “Feel Good” type dreams! 😀

The dream was that my husband had come in and surprised me with a wedding to renew our vows 🙂

So off I set in a rush to find the perfect dress… running from shop to shop looking through all the dresses to find the PERFECT one… someone in the dream suggested I wear the one I originally wore and I said .. no I can’t do that … this is a new wedding I have to find something new…. the other one is damaged from the river ride and so I have to find another perfect dress just for this wedding…. so with a huge smile in my heart and on my face I went from shop to shop in search… and then I woke up ! LOL

Well after telling you about the dream I must fill you in on the story behind the originally dress I wore when we got married.

years ago before I even met Richard … someone at work had a bridal magazine and so one day at lunch I was browsing through it and came upon this dress that stopped me in my tracks! I tore the photo of the dress out of the magazine saying that if I were to ever have my dream wedding I would have to have that dress.

Sooooooooooo….. once Richard and I had decided to get married.. roughly 6-7 years after me seeing that dress in a magazine.. I started looking through my packed away boxes and found the picture of the dress… then set out on a mission to find the dress.. searched online everywhere .. even the original manufacturer of the dress and it was no where to be found.. searched all the local shops and nothing … kept my eye on Ebay .. and nothing … I was beginning to get a bit stressed over this and one night Richard said to me not to worry that we would find one as close as possible to the dress and it would all be ok.

So for a few days I stopped looking … then one night just before going to bed I thought “I’ll give Ebay just one more look”

And there it was!!!!!!! and in my size!!!!

Showed Richard the dress and the next day it arrived at my door!


So in the end .. I wore the wedding dress of my dreams to marry the man of my dreams! THE best day ever! and I would do it again and again and again .. he is truly my dream.

Dreams DO come true… you just have to believe.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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