My Love

Words seem to fail me when I try to describe what love feels like to me. The first thing I do when I think of love is sigh a huge, deep, full body sigh. The second thing I do is smile with my whole heart and soul. I smile from the inside out.

Then I think of my soul mate and just by typing that word the biggest grin ever suddenly covers my entire face and I feel the light inside me glowing brighter than it possibly can. I think of forever and I think of the past, present and future.

There is an old saying that your soul mate is someone that was once part of you. Together you made a whole and at some point you were split apart and separated. I can honestly say that when I explore my deepest feelings, I find that I believe that old saying to be true.

From before I was born it has felt like there was something missing inside me. My whole life I have felt like I have been on a search for something to fill that void. It didn’t matter how spiritual I became, it didn’t matter how much I filled my life with people, hobbies or things… there was something always missing.

Many stories of love have been told.. fairy tales they call them (a folk story about real-life problems, usually with imaginary characters and magical events). Fairy tales known by children to be the things we dream of, things that can be achieved if we truly believe.  Later to be known by adults as far-fetched stories just a bunch of make believe.

Like many, I have dreamed often of that knight on his horse, true and strong and how he rides into my life when I need him most, to rescue me from the evils of the world. How he pulls me into his arms, holds me close and kisses me with the kiss of true love.

A Fairytale?

With one big sigh and a smile from my soul, I say to you that it is true – that if you believe, it can come true.

From the moment I saw my husband’s name, I knew. There was something inside me that suddenly woke up. Like a kitten hearing the food bowl being filled, the senses inside me perked up and excitement filled parts of me I never knew existed.

And then we met ……………

Reaching out to hold his hand was like finding my way home .. and I had been lost and cold for a very long time. His kiss seemed to have stopped the world around us. Time stood still.
My heart, more full than it had ever been before.

Each day I wake up more in love than the day before. I can’t begin to explain the happiness that lives deep within my whole being. I am now where I have always wanted to be. Where I have always belonged. It is truly as if being split apart and finally becoming as one. There is no fear, no pain, no regret, no sadness .. only love … a really great love.

May love find it’s way back to you as it has to me.

Always Believe.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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