Fear of Failure

If this rose were to have a fear of failure … it would have never bloomed. We would have never seen it’s beauty.

My job is to help agents succeed in their business.. I am constantly looking for new ways in which they can grow and expand their business… that’s my day job….

In my personal life I try and use my own experiences in the same way .. hoping to help others heal, grow and find their own peace and happiness as I try and do the same for myself…

This morning Spirit gently whispered to me… it’s not because they don’t want to.. it’s because they are afraid.

Often I get “what I call”  excuses … from this person and that about why they can’t do this or learn that … or whatever …

… and I get frustrated…  You know the saying .. “You can lead a horse to water….”,  well that’s how I often feel when trying to help others whether it be in their professional or personal lives.

Personally I fail all the time… but for me it’s an adventure… certainly not a fear ..

I do my best .. dust myself off and try again … sometimes it never works out .. eventually I move on to another approach if that’s the case .. and again I may fail … but if I don’t at least give it a try .. I’ll never know.

My message to everyone today is “it’s ok to fail” tomorrow is another day … all the great inventors failed many times before getting it right … the world won’t end .. and time won’t stop.

What’s not ok is not trying at all.

So what if it takes several tries or even a hundred … at least you gave it a go.

Believe in yourself and hug yourself for trying….

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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