The aMAZEing Corn Pillows

50lb bag of corn……………. $10

a few yards of fabric  ……….$15

Look on my sisters’ faces when they open the mail…. PRICELESS!


My dear sis Christy told all of us one night about a corn pillow she has and how wonderful it was for soothing all your aches and pains .. she swore she was gonna start making these aMAZEing pillows …. but that was months ago and no pillow from Christy yet…  hee hee…

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo … one day after work .. I ran down to the fabric store .. purchased fabric… ran over to the Tractor Supply and purchased a 50 pound bag of corn  and got busy making pillows.. I made 22 pillows in all and boy do they smell good… I added a bit of lavender in them for an added bonus!

Christy and my other sisters had no idea what I was up to .. so popped them into the mail and waited .. hee hee .. .wish I could have seen their faces when they got the mail!!!

Corn pillows are used as heating pads and ice packs.. you can heat them or freeze them over and over again…. the corn holds cold and heat for a long time…..  plus you can carry them with you wherever you go

Just takes 1 minute in the microwave and the added lavender helps soothe the soul and calm the mind.

All you really need to make your own corn pillow is:

Fabric  & whole feed corn

After sewing and stuffing your pillow  you will need to microwave the pillows for 3 minutes  – 3 separate times to help remove moisture that may be left in the corn and to kill any insects or mold that may have gotten into the corn. Wrap pillows in paper towel to help absorb the moisture.

Here are some helpful tips below for using the pillows:

  • Heat corn pillow on high for 1 minute on paper towel in the microwave oven.
  • If the corn bag does not feel hot enough, cook for thirty seconds longer if needed. Do not overheat
  • Place the heating pad atop a sore muscle or wherever the heat is desired. Manipulate the bag occasionally to reposition the corn kernels, redistributing the heat within.
  • To use the corn heating pad as a cooling bag, simply place it in the freezer until cold. Place atop sore muscles as needed or on the forehead to treat a migraine headache..
  • Using two corn bags causes the bags to retain heat longer. Simply place one atop the other or next to the other, if used to warm a chilly bed.
  • Do not overcook the heating pad. Doing so may scald or burn the corn or even pop it. Do not use corn heating pads on infants or those who are unable to sense heat or burning..

Do not leave the microwave unattended while heating the corn bag. 

Oh … just had to do these… added 4 more corn pillows to my collection.. these are long and slender for the neck and shoulders .. hee hee … love these things!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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4 Responses to The aMAZEing Corn Pillows

  1. Randi says:

    What type offabricdid you use? Cotton? Muslin? Fleece? Thank you!!

  2. Randi says:

    Awesome Thanks!!

    • Hear The Raven's Call says:

      some people also make the pillows in one fabric and then make a pillow case in another fabric.. so it can be removed and washable

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