You Gotta Love it!

I’ve been asked many times in my life .. “How do you do so much?” and “Why do I do so much?”

The answer is simple… “I LOVE IT!!”

I put a lot of time, effort,thought, blood, sweat and tears into creating and doing all the time… and it doesn’t matter .. to me it’s like breathing .. I love it and so it’s not work to me at all.

It’s my idea of fun… yeah I said …. F U N.. lol

When I create something new … it gives me great pleasure and when I share that creation with others I am even more pleasured by it .. and then if those I share it with also like it .. oh dear … watch out, because that is adding fuel to my fire and makes me want to do more and more and more and….. well you get the point.

It’s not a contest or a competition … expect with myself.. I like to see if I can … and when I do …. that fills me with great excitement and then I am off to see what else I can create.

I am in a sense in my own little world .. like a child with a new toy … checking it out to see what all it can do.

I am my own toy .. pushing to see what I can and can’t do .. and trust me there is plenty I can’t do .. lol.. I’m just not showing you those things..

I guess there are a few  things that contribute to all the creations..

~ I’m not afraid to try

~ I love it

~ I’m curious

~ It makes me happy

~ I’m not afraid of failure

~ Failing makes me try harder

~ Vision of what could be

~ Determination

~ Boredom!

~ Smiles… I love to see my creations bring smiles to others.

For me it’s ok to mess up .. it just gives me a chance to try again.

So what drives you?

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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