Dream Catcher How-To

Dream Catchers are traditionally hung over or near the bed … good dreams filter through the web and trickle down over the sleeper and the bad dreams are caught in the web and burned away as the sun comes up in the morning.


Dream Catchers are said to not only capture the bad dreams but also the bad thoughts and ideas.

There are many stories told as to where the origin of the dream Catcher came from but all end up with the same use and meaning.

Here is a how-to I created to teach you how to weave a dream catcher.

I use a metal hoop in the video but many materials can be used.. traditionally willow was used.


Below the video are a  few examples of dream catchers I’ve created.







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2 Responses to Dream Catcher How-To

  1. Todd says:

    Nice Dreamcatcher video!

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