Staying On Course!

Today I want to talk a little bit about some things I’ve been going through myself.

I have recently joined a gym and have been working out each week in hopes to shed some weight and get fit.

First of all after working a 10 hour day with an added 1 hour or more commute each way … it’s a struggle just to get myself to the gym instead of going home and relaxing…. but I’ve been pretty good at getting there anyway.

Yesterday I went straight from work to the gym .. got myself on a bike and started peddling … 5 minutes goes by and I am ready to stop and go home.. I find myself talking my way through it .. saying to myself.. I think I can make it to 15 minutes then I’ll stop for today and go home… 12 minutes comes around and I am definitely ready to call it quits at 15 minutes…  so then 15 minutes comes around and I think to myself.. ok 5 more minutes .. 20 minutes isn’t so bad .. so I am ok with quitting at 20 minutes .. 20 minutes comes around and I’m thinking oh how I want to quit but then I’m thinking I’ve got this far .. only 10 minutes left.. I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS!

That next 10 minutes I’m just feeling determined to finish it out and make it to the 30 minute mark.. I’m sore, tired and really ready to stop but I keep going .. I grab hold of that bike and finish the 30 minutes.

Whew! I did it! I made it all the way even though 5 minutes into it I was ready to give up and go home. Now proud that I made it through and that I didn’t quit but also exhausted! hahahahaha but a good exhausted 🙂

My message today is .. stay on the bike! You’ll feel so much better about your decisions and you’ll be that much closer to your goal.

No goal was ever met by giving up.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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