Wisdom from the walking trail

It’s all about frame of mind… 

Whatever you do …. if you decide before you do it that you hate it or will hate it then it’s probably not going to be an enjoyable experience for you. (This isn’t always true.. but mostly true.. there are always those exceptions 🙂

If you set your mind to be open to the task.. then who knows.. you may end up liking it or at the least .. not minding it so much.

I started out in my most recent “battle of the bulge” thinking that adding a workout to my already busy day was just going to be that much more work for me… it made just getting to the gym a real chore… talking myself into going and not giving up all the way home up until I actually stepped foot into the gym and then from there I would have to talk myself into staying on the bike while I was there just to get through the whole workout.

Then suddenly a funny thing happened somewhere between getting there.. being there and finishing my workout…. My thoughts went from dread to I now look forward to my workouts! How can that be??????

Well I wasn’t going to give up on the workouts .. it is my mission this time around to win this battle… and so I might as well try my best to find a way to like what I’m doing. So I did! I found something in the gym that I absolutely love .. that would be the swimming and the sauna .. hee hee LOVE IT! I save that for last .. I go in do my rounds with the weights .. do my 30 minutes of cardio and then my reward is there waiting every time.. time to swim .. which is also a great workout so there’s an extra benefit to me.. and then after swimming as many laps as I can handle .. off to the sauna I go.. there is my meditation time.. time to just sit and relax and sweat off a bit more weight at the same time.

So now it’s so much easier to get through my workouts .. so much easier to get to the gym .. and all in all I feel better.. I don’t have that looming dread hanging over me at the end of my day.

As soon as my thoughts changed from negative to positive .. everything clicked and my world became a whole lot brighter. This was something I needed to do regardless of how I thought about it so I might as well turn it into something enjoyable.

I’m lucky that my thoughts changed so quickly .. just 5 weeks into my battle.. if only they had changed years ago maybe I wouldn’t have such a large battle.. but that’s in the past and for now I’m concentrating on each day as it comes.

Message of the day:

When you have a task before you and you’re feeling that dread … look around and see if there is a way to see the positive and embrace that part of it.. even if it’s something small.. a little bit of positivity goes a long way!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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