Feeling the Flow

Inspired by a post I read earlier this morning about feeling the flow  and energy of all things.

Feeling the Flow

It’s here and there .. it’s all around us everywhere!
It’s energy fills us and brings us into being
It’s something worth feeling .. something worth seeing…

The flow, it comes in waves of greatness
Swirling all around and bathing us

It’s not in just you and me
It’s in the buzzing of every bee and the whisper of every tree

It’s in the lake, the pond and every river, ocean and stream
It fills us like the visions in a dream

Circling all around us in a swift and steady fashion
Feeling the vibration is beyond words or imagination

The Earth and it’s hummm
Like the beating of an ancient drum

Pounding deep from within it’s core
Feeding life into each and every pore

Rushing through flesh and bone, wood and stone
It’s always there and never gone

Feel it now with your heart, soul and very being
Close your eyes and experience with me this amazing feeling

Feel it now with more than just your hand
Feel it as it moves across the land

The flow of life as it sways to and fro
That fills us all each and every day as we grow

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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