He’s Quite Something

Today I want to take a moment to tell the world about my husband. He is the hardest working man that I have ever known and quite possibly the smartest…. he married me afterall! hahahahahaha

He is truly an inspiration…. the pride he takes in everything he does.. making sure he does everything he touches to the very best of his ability. Many, these days just do enough to get the job done. He, on the other hand makes sure it’s not only done but that its done right and as I said… to the best of his ability.

He is always thinking outside the box … coming up with new and better ways to get things done. He makes me want to do more and do better as well. His drive and focus is outstanding and I am in awe of all that he does. Shhhhhhh don’t tell him I said so….. 🙂

The shear thought of him brings a big smile to my face and my heart fills with so much love that I think .. much more and I might burst.

He is my treasure … my winning lottery ticket … I need nothing more than him by my side.. he’s simply the best.

I just had to take this moment to tell the world about how great he is …. In a world of hurry hurry rush rush … and very few thank yous and your welcomes … I thought it would be nice to take a moment to give credit where it belongs… A moment to let him know how wonderful he is and how much he is appreciated and loved.

Thank you my love for being YOU… I love you!

all my love,

P.S. Our anniversary is coming up soon.. so beware readers… more mush is sure to follow! hee hee

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