I have to say I’m not perfect in anyway .. except one…
I’m perfect only at being ME!

I can’t sing.. my dancing is just ok …
I can rhyme a little but try to write a lot …
I know how to use a paintbrush but the greatest, I’m certainly not
My drawings are never exact … even my glass sometimes gets chipped
My words sometimes come out wrong
My days often flawed
But I’m ME and that’s all I can be…

I try my best and give it my all
But sometimes I still hit that wall
I try to see from all points of view..
But my vision sometimes goes  askew

To myself I try to always be true
Even if we don’t agree … doesn’t mean I don’t like  or respect you
I have to stand my ground and stay true to who I am
Otherwise I’m nothing more than a joke, a  sham

So there you have it .. I’m just me..
As perfectly as I can be..
Flaws and all .. this is me

Perfectly ME!

Angel Guide

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