Sentimental Me

It’s late and I’m feeling all sentimental and mushy tonight…. so you know me.. that raven that talks too much and who likes to ramble on and on … I must stay true to me and do exactly that .. hee hee

First of all I must let out a very heavy sigh…..

I was reading through some old emails between me and my husband before we were husband and wife…. we sure were sickening …lol… so much mushy mushy lovey dovey words exchanged between us .. and do you know what…. I would never want to change one moment of it 🙂

If you only knew how much I love my husband…
If you knew how in awe I am of him every day …. ok most days …lol
If you knew how just the mere thought of him makes me smile from the inside out … yes still even after years of marriage and lots of uphill battles…
If you knew how his kisses still make the world around me stop …
If you knew how all day long while I am at work … I think about him and count down the minutes til I get home … just to see him again…
If you knew how very true every word of this really is …
If you knew all this you might think .. OMG she is wrapped! LOL
Yes I am … it’s true… and I don’t mind it one bit .. in fact I wouldn’t have it any other way

I know it’s sad … lol..
How on earth this man has me so in love with him is beyond me .. but I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world… from that very first moment I spoke to him so many years ago… he had me from the moment he waved me down ….. and whether he likes it or not he has me for the rest of my life.

I use to dream about being with him and how it would be … that dream became reality and let me tell you ….  we have our moments … but all in all.. they are the best moments of my life and I am ever so thankful we met… and even more thankful that I get to lay my head down next to his each and every night for the rest of my days.

I’ve heard some say that you don’t need another to complete you that you should complete yourself… My life just would  not be whole without him…. and thats an understatement. He doesn’t make me who I am and I don’t make him who he is … but together … sigh…. together we are something entirely different …

I dare not even compare it to a puzzle with a missing piece … and that he is that piece that makes me whole.. complete..

It’s beyond puzzle pieces …..

It’s more like hydrogen and oxygen …. separately they are each their own thing .. together they make something completely different … each keeping their own specific properties … but together they quench the earth of a never ending thirst …

and oh how he quenches my thirst .. giggles… 🙂

ok ok .. I’ll stop my sentimental rambling for now and get myself to bed…

Goodnight my wordpress friends…
Sweetest of dreams and blessings to all
Angel Guide

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