Meditation Tips

Meditation is a great tool … There are many forms of meditation and many reasons why one might meditate.

It helps to relax, reduce stress, helps with anger, sleep, focus and can also help remember past events or even past lives. These are just a few of the things that you can do with meditation.

It’s best to try many types of meditation until you find the one that is right for you.

When just beginning to meditate it can help by listening to tranquil music and then even more so if you use headphones. The headphones will help drown out any outside noises while you learn your meditation.

The more you do the better you become. It can sometimes be hard to focus and stop the mind from wandering in the beginning. Practice makes perfect.. the more you meditate the better you become at it and soon you’ll be able to meditate with little or no trouble at all.

There are many techniques online… I suggest you google meditation techniques and try out as many as you like. You will find that some are easier for you than others. Everyone is different and so what works for one may not work for another.

Practice visualizing ordinary, everyday things.

Part of meditation is the ability to visualize… start out with closing your eyes and visualizing ordinary, everyday objects, when you master one object… move on to another .. soon you will be able to do this with ease.

Guided meditation vs self guided meditation…

Guided meditation is where someone else is talking you through a meditation technique and self guided is where you memorize steps to a meditation and do it by memory alone.

Guided meditation can sometimes work better simply because you are focused on the words someone else is saying and you are able to completely let go and ease into the picture that they paint for you with their wording.

When you memorize a meditation and do a self guided meditation.. you have to try and let yourself go to the place you are seeking along with continuing to guide yourself down that path.. so you can see how that maybe like trying to live in two worlds at one time.

Try both … one may suit you better than another and then again sometimes you will find certain types of meditation are best self guided and others work better guided by someone else… like past life regression.

When trying to remember a past life .. it is easier to participate in a guided meditation .. that way someone else guides you down that path while you are able to completely let go and travel that road without the task of keeping yourself on track… it is the responsibility of the other person to do that and you can have the freedom to roam about that life fully. Also it’s good to have someone else with you as you explore past lives or even past events in your current life so that if you go too deeply or experience great tragedy .. they can see you struggling and bring you back up if needed.

Comfort – You must be in a comfortable place when meditating .. you can’t be too hot or too cold or uncomfortable in general…. it breaks your concentration and disrupts the process.

I hope these tips have helped.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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