Allow Yourself

With life being ….. well LIFE .. we often find ourselves shutting things out. Lots of things… in fact far more than we realize. You can’t live a life closed off from life’s experiences. You have to allow yourself to FEEL … to LOVE … to CREATE … to LIVE!

Allow healing…. Allow laughter…. Allow sorrow… Allow pain… Allow love… Allow appreciation….. Allow yourself all things from all experiences.

Just like that great quote: To know great happiness you must first experience great sorrow.

It’s true… How would we know happiness if we didn’t understand and know the depths of pain and sorrow?

We get hurt and we put up a wall… we fail and we put up another wall… we become unhappy and we put up even more walls.. sooner or later we are just surrounded by walls and we are not only keeping the bad things out but we aren’t letting the good things in either.  So we doom ourselves to carry on living without experiencing.

If I had put up a wall every time I got hurt or failed at something … OMG .. I would be a hermit living in a vast forest with no contact with the world at all. I’d be so sad and alone.. and I would have died in the same way … very sad and very alone..

I can’t imagine missing the first kiss between me and my husband  … I would have if I had put up walls from past hurts.

Not meeting my bestest friend in all the world, Pattie.. would have also been missed if I had of put up walls and closed myself off to new friendships because of past friendships gone wrong.

If I had closed myself off to the world.. I don’t think I could paint or create a thing … for what experiences would I be able to draw from expect from pain and solitude?

My message today: Don’t be afraid to fall down… getting up and giving it your all is well worth a bit of scrapes and bruises in the long run.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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