It’s A Workout!

As most of you know.. I have been trying my best to get healthier and fit .. sigh … this road is indeed a tough one.

I’ve now been working out at the gym for nearly 3 months … I thought when I started this that the weight would fly off.. hahahahaha yeah ok so I was dreaming and had high hopes.

I’ve lost 16 pounds which isn’t bad… but most importantly I feel better.

What I’ve learned is the working out makes you feel better but diet really plays an important role in loosing .. exercise alone won’t shed the pounds.

Every day its a task and a battle with myself to make the right decisions and just to get to the gym. Some days are easier than others.

I remember when I first started, OH MY GOODNESS! Riding 5 miles on the bike was such a huge task. I had to talk myself into finishing it with every pedal stroke. The conversation went something like this: I can do this.. no I can’t .. I can do this… oh my god… I can do this.. ok I’m tired.. if I just finish out 15 minutes that’s 15 minutes more than I was doing .. no, I can do the full 30 minutes.. I can I can.. OMG .. I can’t I can’t … yes I can .. ok 15 minutes.. maybe I can do 5 more minutes at least thats more than 15 … only 10 minutes short .. omg I’m worn out .. this is hard … ok 20 minutes.. ok ok .. 5 more minutes and then I’m done.. 25 minutes isn’t so bad .. I’ll only have not done 5 minutes… I can do this.. omg how long exactly is 5 freakin minutes anyway … ok 25 minutes.. well crap now I only have 5 minutes left and I can say I did the whole 30 minutes… crap only 30 seconds have past .. longest 5 minutes of my life… I can do this 4 minutes left… 3 minutes…. 2 minutes.. yes I CAN do this! 1 minute… 30 seconds.. cool down? What the crap! I have to pedal for 2 more minutes just to cool down.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh … but 😀 I DID THE WHOLE 30 MINUTE WORKOUT! YES!

And thats the conversation I still have with myself from time to time while working out .. except now I bike 10+ miles and sometimes even go 45 minutes instead of the 30.

Once I’ve done the workout .. I do feel so much better .. not only physically but mentally and I’m proud of myself for getting it done. There is no guilt because I did what I needed to do that day. I took an active role in changing my life and that feels GREAT!

I found an online mile counter where you register how many miles you run, bike or walk and I have to say .. it encourages me on days I don’t feel like doing anything .. I want to keep up the pace since it’s being recorded and posted online for all to see. Plus it will be nice to look back at the end of the year to see how many miles I did. Just wish I had found this early on. Try it out .. its great!

Another thing that is hard .. is constantly reminding myself to eat small meals through the day to boost my metabolism.. I use to always skip breakfast and most of the time would only eat once or twice all day. You would think thats not so bad .. because I’m not eating much .. but what it did was slow down my metabolism to a snails pace .. which in turn caused me to gain more and more weight even tho I ate very little. UGGGGGGGGGG

So, this is more than a lifestyle change .. it’s a change in thinking .. before I grab something to eat .. I really think about whats in it and how many carbs am I consuming and how much more I might have to workout to get rid of it .. it turns a lot of attractive foods into hideous choices and therefore does not go into my body .. those workouts are brutal to have to put myself through even more.. for what .. a cookie? LOL.. NOPE .. not me!

Carb Smart Icecream – only 9 carbs… if you really need something cold and sweet on a hot summer day … those are great .. remember only eat one or its a mute point! LOL Also sugar free frozen pops .. only 6 carbs… just have 1!  Light lemonade.. 1 carb!

Best of luck to those of you on the same road!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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2 Responses to It’s A Workout!

  1. Vicki says:

    I understand. There are dayscwhen that last 15-20 minutes of cardio are killers– my mantra is “15 more minutes, I can do anything for 15 minutes”– and so on.

    I started 6-29-10, and am about 20# from my goal. I walk at a huge incline for cardio and do bodyweight training 3 days a week.

    I track my food at (free!!); and that really helps. I don’t worry about carbs as much as keeping my protein higher and my fiber good.

    Slim a bear sugar free sandwiches rock!

    • Hear The Raven's Call says:

      oooo haven’t seen those slim a bear .. will have to look when I go out again

      I soooooooooooo understand that 15 more minutes statement …lol

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