Magic Wish

I wrote this a few years back and thought it was a time to reshare 🙂
Don’t Make Me

Don’t make me call on the rain to hide the tears

Don’t make me call on the wind to carry away the fears

Don’t make me!

I tell you I have been there … so many times.. I have visited this place … you know.. that sad place deep inside you where you go to when you’ve been hurt.. when you’re sad and lonely .. when you feel like no one else in the world feels the way you do.

That place you escape to … that place where you think no one will notice how sad and lonely you are or how deeply hurt  you may be..

I just wanted to send out a great big {{{hug}}} to all those finding themselves in that place.

So I’m posting this little message to let you know you’re not alone.. there are people who care.. you just have to let them help you .. let them love and care for you ..

Pull yourself out of that lonely place and try to have a bit of fun.. laugh … and live .. don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved  ..

Here’s a bit of magic coming your way .. hoping you’ll be able to laugh and have some fun … and most importantly feel the love this magic wish brings


Now close your eyes and count to three…
Nod your head and accept this magic wish I send to out thee…..

Jump up and stomp the ground .. bang on the floor and make a lot of sound!

Turn on some musical tunes … now scream and shout at the moon

Spin and turn around really really fast … keep on going as I finish out this wish I cast

Now stop and throw your arms up into the air ….
Cast away all your worries and all your cares

Pull your arms in really close and give yourself a great big hug …
Hold on tight…. make it really really snug

Feel the magic from above .. feel the warmth and all my love

I’m sending you now, a magic feather
Now see.. don’t you feel better?

Many Blessings of love and magic,
Angel Guide

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