To Dance Among the Trees

Swaying with the wind
I dance beneath the willow, a long time friend
Branches so long and flowing
A place where magical dreams come to life
The willow, it heals me without even knowing

Beyond the hill the mighty oak stands
Like a courageous warrior in the night
The thunder Gods begin to sing and share their electric light
Strong and true, the oak reaches for my hand
Keeping our feet firmly planted to the ground
We sway together, right there where we stand

With a twirl and a twist I begin spinning
The birch tree reminds me of a new beginning
A good cleansing of the past
Visions begin to fill my mind really fast
Oh where will my imagination take me
These are the gifts from my friend, the birch tree

The view from here is of a natural perfection
I think I’ll two step on over to the cedar
He offers healing and protection
Beauty and justice, this cedar does share
As it’s branches reach through the air

Dancing on over to the next in line
Oh look, it’s the tall and lovely  pine
Creative and robust, he stands so very tall
Lending longevity to us all

Stumbling over the fields and hay
The maple helps me find balance on my way
Promises we make as we dance across the plain
The maple’s colors are absolutely insane

Now, I close my eyes and let intuition be my guide
I find myself beneath a great elm tree
Letting out a heavy sigh, it’s strength and will fill me

On my tippy toes, I flutter about
There’s an elder tree across the way, I scout
With a jiggle, a bounce or two
Well hello, there’s my friends the fairies
How do you do?

To Dance Among the Trees
It’s a blessing, like a cool Summer breeze

Twist and twirl, shake and bounce, swoon and sway
Have You Danced Among the Trees Today?

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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