Finding Your Dreams

Spirit brings me a peculiar message this morning … I’m not going to question it .. I’m just going to keep typing as the message evolves….


Finding Your Dreams

Have you lost your dreams?
Do you remember what once you dreamed?
Does it seems like a battle to let the visions flow?
Do you feel lost?
Does it feel like hope for tomorrow is gone?
Has passion left you?

Spirit tells me that you have yourself wound so tightly that you have cut off the flow of life…. everything for you now will seem like a struggle.

It is like you have allowed your worries, stress and your need to get to a good place choke the flow of life and energy from your being.

Meditation is one way to help you find a calm, relaxing place within yourself.

Spirit says you have got to let go… you have got to find some kind peace with yourself and with life in general.

The stress is killing you… the worries are drowning all hope from your life.

Hope is not truly gone.. it is there .. just as your visions are still there … but it is like you have a thick cloud bank covering them.. blocking you from seeing and from feeling their presence.

Change your current behaviors… mix things up a bit and get yourself out of some of the damaging routines that have developed over time.. never fear change.. change is necessary for us to move forward and to grow.

Take a good look at the things in your life that are no longer doing you any good and make the changes necessary. YOU are the only one who knows what these changes are …. so don’t let others tell you whats good for you … take those decisions upon yourself and trust your inner guide.  You know what needs to be done even tho you may feel quite lost .. once you awaken to the knowledge that change needs to be made.. you’ll know what changes those are.

Be careful not to let fear and doubt steer you.

Many blessings,
Angel Guide

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