….And We Shall Celebrate!

For those of us who are the givers in this world.. remember to take some time for yourself…. it’s ok .. no reason to feel guilty for taking a moment for you … you are worthy and you deserve just as much as anyone else.


As the wind blows we shall embrace our freedom and we shall fly.

We shall explore all the wonders of not only life here on Earth but in the spirit world as well …

Most important we shall explore all the wonders of ourselves and we shall celebrate.

We shall swim the rivers within and splash around in all that we are and we shall celebrate.

We shall walk the many paths of who we are and frolic in the essence of self and we shall celebrate.

For we are worth celebrating.. even if no other cares –  we care and we celebrate our own being.

All life is sacred and should be celebrated and we shall not be left out for we are worthy!

This life is each our own and we shall celebrate .. we shall dance!
Many Blessings and Celebrations,
Angel Guide

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