The thrill of a good scare!

Well.. I just can’t help myself.. I have to tell you all about one of my secret loves… ok well to some it’s not a secret .. hahahahaha

I absolutely LOVE scaring the crap out of people. I know .. crazy right??? LOL

I use to design and create and work in haunted  houses.. this began when I was a teenager .. I have always loved Halloween and would always go all out decorating and getting into character and ok so I still do …

Halloween is the one day of the year that you can become whatever in the world you wish to be and it’s ok! The weird looks and tilted heads are all part of it.

So now that you have a bit of the history I have to tell you about what just happened.. hee hee

I was standing on my back deck really quiet and still trying to capture some bird photographs. I had taken a few earlier this morning … and still had not gotten rid of the bug.. so I grabbed my camera and went back out to try and capture the humming birds playing in the back yard.

Suddenly this little girl comes riding through my yard on her bike.. completely unaware that I was standing there just a few feet from her on my deck. She gets near the edge of my property when she suddenly spots me. She does a double take.. stops and with a confused look on her face does a little wave. I’m still trying to be very still and quiet to capture the birds and so I slowly raise my hand to wave back without speaking a word. This really freaks her out and she nails it in high gear and takes off! hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

You guys really should have seen her face… giggles…

I bet she thinks twice about taking the short-cut through our yard again! hahahahahaha

Not only did I get some great pics of the humming birds.. I scared the crap out of some kid..  can it get much better?? LOL

Happy Haunting!!
Angel Guide

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