The Tuberose

There is this older gentleman in my office who has the greenest thumb I have ever seen. All the plants in the office were looking pretty sad until he came along and I swear it’s as if he waves a magic wand over them.. it seems as though over night they are the biggest brightest plants ever!

Well he grows Tuberoses and every year when they are in bloom he brings cuttings in for the  whole office to enjoy. As soon as one vase goes away .. another will take its place until they are no longer in bloom.

He could keep these beautifully scented treasures to himself but noooooooooo…. always thinking of others .. always wanting to share the beauty of his gift, he brings them into the office year after year.

I’ve only heard a handful of people ever thank him for what he does… and sooooooooooooooooo … I thought I would do a little something for him.. I’m terrible with plants ..LOL.. so I got my paint brush out today and attempted to do a tuberose painting for him. You can see below how it turned out.

I’m terrible when it comes to painting flowers … but thankfully this one didn’t turn out so bad :-)!

We’ll see if he likes it tomorrow when I go back to work.. 😐

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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