Balance of the Good and the Bad

Today is a good day for me so it’s easy to say that we should take each day as it comes… look beyond the trauma, the stress, the pain and the sorrow and hold your focus on the horizon for the storms never last forever .. they move on quickly (tho it may not seem so) just like the weather.

These are easy words today … because for me at the moment anyway .. the weather is good. But, I have been through many storms and as I reflect back on those times… I have to say that it was keeping my focus on the horizon that got me through each moment of that storm.

In general I am a very positive person.. always looking at the good in everything. That character trait in me has often been the very thing that has gotten me mixed right into the middle of some really bad storms. My eyes, so focused on the positive and the good … that I completely overlooked the bad crap that was standing right in front of me.

So, in saying that … I have to say that we need to find a good balance between the two.

You can’t live your life always looking for that negative aspect of everyone and everything .. for that’s all that your world will become.. one giant heap of negative CRAP! You also can’t just look at the positive in everyone and everything … because you will still find yourself deep in the crap.  But it would be unexpected crap and sometimes that can tear your world farther apart than always expecting the worst.

BALANCE is the key… I’m still working on that, myself.

It’s certainly not an easy task.. and I don’t have any clever wisdom that will suddenly make it all come into play…. but what I do know is that as long as you are aware of your own view of the world (yours and the world around you) then at least you are working on it and that is the first step forward.

Remember, you can’t just stop at acknowledgement … it has to be an on going task within yourself to see the whole picture every moment of every day.

Sounds exhausting, I know!

But really what we are talking about here is being awake and aware in this moment.. and this one.. and this one … and the next ..

Many Blessings and Good Luck on Your Journeys,
Angel Guide

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