Reaching Out to Others

Reaching Beyond Yourself

Reach out beyond yourself.. beyond you own circle.. reach out to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, people in your community, etc.

It is a great feeling to touch the lives of others in a positive way ..  Don’t let the holidays or special events be the only time of the year you reach out to help another.

The greatest gift is a gift given from the heart…  gifts come in many sizes and in many ways.. sometimes it is a gift to just listen. Gifts don’t always need to cost money. Give a gift of your time. Whatever you have, reach beyond yourself and give it with your heart… act with love and watch and feel how that love is returned.

Sometimes others just need an ear to listen.. a shoulder to cry on or a friend to lean on… be there for others.. and not just when it’s convenient.

It’s not always easy to be so available… and it’s not that you should ALWAYS be .. you do need time for yourself as well. But try and make yourself more available to help… that’s all I ask today.

You just never know what storm is going on inside someones life and you just may be that smile that helped them make it through.

Most don’t ask for help.. but if you are aware of others and you have opened up your perception of the world around you …  then you will know when someone needs that help.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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