Getting the Job Done

Today as I made my way into work, the thoughts rolling through my head were about work ethics and being replaceable in the workplace.

I thought I might blog about those thoughts and then decided not to because I didn’t want to come across as being full of myself or anything like that. Later in the day, I was having a conversation with a co-worker and funny enough that the conversation should suddenly turn into the same topic that I was pondering earlier. We talked about our own work ethics and those of others along with the pros and cons of both.

My personal style of work is a competition with myself. Yeah I know it sounds funny but that’s just me. Every day …. ok maybe not EVERY day but most days I strive to out-do what I’ve already done. Always looking forward and working at making what I do the best. No matter the job… no matter the task.. I am out to “WOW” as many people as I can. If I can “WOW” someone then I feel good about my job, myself and whatever task it was that I had completed.

I’ve always been a people pleaser, so it makes sense that I work in this way. It’s really pretty selfish really … making others smile, making others feel good, and “Wowing” them .. makes ME feel good. It’s a high like no other and besides that the days are so much easier to get through. Liking what you do sure does make life easier to handle.

There are parts of my job I can’t stand, just like everyone else…. it’s not always roses and smiling faces. Sometimes the tasks seem impossible or just a big ol’ headache… but… being the positive out-looker that I am, I take on each task hoping for the best and striving to be better each and every day.

Let’s face it .. everyone is replaceable when it comes to the work force. At the end of the day, there will always be someone out there to replace you as soon as the opportunity arises. My goal is to be that person that does such a great job.. going above and beyond the duty at hand to shine .. that when I am gone.. it will be a noticeable difference.  Sure, I can be replaced. Just about anyone could do what I do.. but … can or will they do it as good as I have???

I received a great compliment today. An agent said to me that the real benefit to being with our company was having access to me. 😀 Whew.. that means I’m doing my job! And that’s just it … I have set my goal to not only doing my job but also doing it well.. as well as I possibly can. No matter what anyone else thinks or feels, at the end of the day I feel good about the work that I have done. I am able to rest easy knowing I stepped outside the easy way out by just doing what was needed to get the job done, but also by going that extra mile and putting in extra effort just because that’s who I am.

I’ll leave you with a great quote: “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” Henry Ward Beecher

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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1 Response to Getting the Job Done

  1. Lila says:

    It is always good to know that there are people who has the same work ethics as I am. More power to you.

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