Daily Insight – Oct. 4

Today’s Card – Six of Water – Pleasure

This card is all about emotion, showing us bowls of water flowing into one another. This tells us when we allow life to flow through us, we are able to gain balance. It is when we try to hold on to emotions that things get all out of whack.

Allow yourself to enjoy life on all levels. Let go of mental and emotional tensions that may be holding you back. So much more is possible when you are happy. Bad feelings get us down and make even the smallest of tasks more complicated then they need to be.

When you can let go.. and allow yourself to relax, your life force regains its equilibrium and things come into your life in a more calm, nourishing way.

Remember to honor and treat yourself well and in doing so you will treat others likewise.

Many Blessings on your journey,
Angel Guide

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