My Inner Child Wants to Play

Candy and Caramel coated apples on a stick
The year is passing us by really quick

The trees begin to change into their fall attire
Families gather around a warm, glowing fire

Roasting and toasting as the year nears it’s end
You can feel a chill in the air from the cool Autumn wind

Trick or Treat, candy sweets and costumes too
Scary monsters roam the streets with ghastly ghost shouting BOO!

Pumpkins carved and lit to light the way
Scarecrows placed to rush the birds away

Shorter the days and longer the nights
Movies are playing to cause us a fright!

There’s a great big pile of leaves to jump in and play!
I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Tossing leaves of red, yellow, brown and gold high into the air
I don’t even care if they land in my hair!

For I am a child at heart and I like to live that way
Where all my dreams may come true…..
and my worries stop at how much longer I get to stay out and play. 

Yeah, I think I’ll release my inner child today!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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