Daily Insight – Oct. 7

Today I’ve got 2 cards … Love and Power.. oh what a pair!

Love: Two hands reaching out to hold one another. This speaks of a connectedness that is complete in itself. It needs nothing more than to be what it is. Its the kind of love that gives without expecting and receives gratefully what is returned.  I’m talking about a love so true it is nothing like you have experienced before…. a love that is solid and pure that flows straight from the heart and soul. A selfless love that never stops flowing. A love that completes you in a spiritual way that reveals to you your true purpose. Enjoy it! It lasts for eternity once found.

Power: Most may see the word power and think if has to do with strength or position in life.. but that is not always the meaning. The power I am talking about today is the power within you….. the things you are capable of doing and manifesting. I am speaking about your own internal power. Draw upon that power to manifest all that you dream your life to be.

You have it in you to manifest your visions. YOU HAVE THE POWER! Take the reigns and go forward with all your plans… as you feel this burst  of energy inside you.. all things are possible. get out there and make them happen!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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