Daily Insight – Change – Letting Go

Daily Insight – Change – Letting Go

Life is all about changes and how we adapt to those changes.

The thing you must realize is that you have a choice about how you handle the change that comes your way. You can cling to that part of your life that’s changing and try to force it into not changing (which is inevitable.. it will change anyway) or you can let go of that part of your life and allow it to change in a natural manner.

Think about it this way.. what you lose now during this time of change.. has never truly belonged to you anyhow. Knowing this can give you a new kind of stability and rational thinking with much greater clarity about your life and your feelings.

Change can be hard to deal with… clinging to things in your life and fighting against the changes that are coming only prolongs pain and torment for yourself and others that may be involved.

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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