Evil or Not?

This morning I was greeted straight away with the 6’s.. I was at first thinking .. Oh great! I then asked could I not get a better number.. and then I changed my thought patterns.. Why is it 666 should be considered evil? Why is it that I think it does? well from conditioning .. I have always been told by others that it was evil so it must be.. right? NO! The angels want us to change our way of thinking … just because someone has told you that this is the meaning of whatever it is .. that doesn’t mean it is all truth… meditate on it for yourself and go within to find the TRUE answer.. the TRUE meaning of what lies before you.

Here’s something I found on the 6’s that may shed more light this subject of angelic numbers.

666 was known as a number of higher dimensional light and there are those that have deliberately created fear around these numbers in order to keep sacred the true geometric knowledge and keep the magical frequency available for the select few. Those that hold fear around the numbers then create their own reality, bringing the true negative aspect of that geometry into their reality. For those that believe 666 to be a number of darkness, of service to self frequency or indeed a ‘devil’s number’ as you say, then this is exactly what it shall be. The living force of the universe is weaved upon a net, a web as it were, a mathematical web of number frequencies like codes in a computer. These numbers that exist, flow, change, divide, remain the same, move, feel, communicate, dance, learn and teach are the very fabric that works it’s magic around you when you use that which you know as the law of attraction. The fabric of geometric intelligence, the living numbers and mathematical shapes of the universe, of hyperspace respond to your consciousness, to your emotions, to your actions and thoughts. These geometric number frequencies exist within you, within your DNA therefore your thoughts are intertwined at all times with them. From our perspective they are one and the same. From your perspective there is a choice, there is free will. You can choose to believe that any order of numbers, any geometric shape or symbol or triple number code such as 666 is dark, negative, bad and evil bringing bad luck, omens of disaster and fear into your lives. Or you can choose to break free from the deliberate conditioning of others, conditioning that only serves to halt your evolution and ultimately shift timelines and prevent Ascension of Earth and Humanity on Earth.

You can read more of this article here : http://lightworkers.org/channeling/101490/living-number-patternings-and-666

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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