If your soul wants to….

If your soul wants to sing … Let it sing
If your soul wants to dance … Let it dance
If your soul wants to cry… Let it cry
If your soul wants to dare… Let it dare
If your soul wants to laugh – Let it laugh
If your soul wants to hide.. Let it hide
If your soul wants to praise .. Let it praise
If you soul wants to complain.. Let it complain
If your soul wants to love… Let it love.
If your soul wants to be.. Let it be

 To often we push ourselves into doing or acting in a
certain way that is not good for us. We will often find that somewhere down the
line we will find ourselves saying .. “I should have” “I could
have” “Why didn’t I”.

 We will hold on to things that wish to fall away from our
lives to try and keep whatever “normal” we think we should have in
tact. We’ll hold onto relationships (friends, family  and lovers) longer than we should for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. We’ll hold onto bad habits for fear of change.
We stop nature from taking its course so often that we damage not only our own
lives but all those involved and then we sit and ask that every so popular
question.. “Why?”.

 Well because we did it to ourselves. We held on when
everything inside of us said “LET GO!”. We need not worry about what
we have already done and focus more on this moment forward. The past is done,
there is no changing it. However, we are able to shape the future.

 We need to learn how to listen to our inner knowing, pay
attention to our surroundings and when the universe sends us a gigantic sign to
say STOP..RUN..GO THE OTHER WAY!! then we should listen and do that very thing!

 Don’t be afraid of what you can become.

 All of our lives
we have heard others says things like: “If I was younger..” “If
I knew then what I know now…” “The youth holds the world in their

 We hold our own world in our hands. WE have unlimited possibilities.
It is not wasted on the young, it is wasted on those who do not believe in

 It’s time we are start believing!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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