What We Allow

Today Spirit urges me to talk about what we allow in our lives.

We need to stop often and take a look at the things we allow in our own lives. It’s easy to see what others allow but we must stop for a moment, step back and truly look at our own lives to see what it is we are or are not allowing.

Think about a few examples here: (Things we allow or block from our lives)

Love – we know how to give it but are we allowing it to be returned to us?
Kindness – same as above
Fear – ooooooo that’s a mean and nasty one.. be careful not to let your actions be guided by it
Creativity – are you doubting your creative self – blocking the creativity from flowing through you … when it comes to creativity you have got to let it flow  – also don’t let others stifle your creative ideas
Doubt – Oh  another ugly one … doubt can cause us and the people around us far more harm that one might think. Practice trusting yourself and that inner knowing that stirs inside you. If you can’t trust yourself, you’ll not trust anyone else either.
Success – are you truly allowing yourself to succeed or are you putting your own road blocks in the way?
Growth – are we allowing growth in all areas of our lives or are we again stifling or even pushing ourselves… trying to control how much we grow… how much we move forward … let nature take its course and allow your own growth to come at its own pace.

These are just a few examples… throughout our lives there are so many things we will find ourselves allowing in that are no good for us.. we talk ourselves into accepting what is … instead of seeing what could be or what is best for us.

Many blessings,
Angel Guide

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