Daily Insight – Uggggggg

Yeah that’s right today’s insight is “Uggggggg”

So I felt the pull to post my daily insight today and so I pulled out my cards.. shuffled .. shuffled and shuffled some more. The growth card popped right out of the deck. I thought, ok I reckon growth it is.. and then as I started typing the subject line I just did not want to visit this subject today. I was just not ready to embark on this task. I have talked about growth many times before but today was not the day for me to share any light on this particular subject.

So what’s the insight for the day?

Be fully aware of what your own body and intuition tells you. Know when to push and when to let go. You see, I could have pushed through my insight on growth but if I had done that while I wasn’t really feeling that particular topic, chances are it wouldn’t have reached the ones who may really need it right now. So, I let it go. It is what it is and today is just not the day for growth. Today is the day we learn more about listening to ourselves and our own inner knowing. Today we let go of that feeling that we need to always be doing and always .. constantly growing .. and allow ourselves to just be.

Many Blessings,
 Angel Guide

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