An Angel Just For You

An Angel Just For You

I have spent my entire weekend working on these little stained glass angel ornaments to give to friends and family this year for Christmas. As I was standing for hours at my work bench, my back aching with pain, my fingers all cut up and burn marks every few minutes from the hot solder…  I began to think about the people I was making the ornaments for.

I wondered who would appreciate this small token of a gift that I was creating and then those who I knew in fact would not really appreciate all the time, care, effort and pain that went into this years gift. Now that, that is said…. let me clear something up. I make gifts because it’s what I love to do. I don’t expect anything in return and it’s not about them knowing how much time and effort went into the gift. But having said that.. I have to say that this is exactly why I choose to make gifts instead of buying gifts. Let me explain.

In my mind… taking the time to dream up a new creation, the planning of that creation, then the physical act of creating and the long hours and even the pain that may come along with it … are all the reasons why I do it. If you are one of the few that receive a hand made gift from me.. then you know that I care about you enough to go through all of the above.

Let me tell you… there were many times this weekend that I wanted to just quit. I wanted to put the glass away and do something less painful (oh my poor cut up and burnt hands!). I have tons of other crafty ideas that I could do much quicker and with a whole lot more ease. But this years gift is suppose to be angels.. I dreamed it and gosh darn it .. I’m gonna make it happen! Yeah so the next time I get a bright idea like this… someone please stop me!

Then there is the fun and excitment that comes along with making gifts for others. As I was making these angels today I couldn’t help but wonder which of my friends or family members would get one of the angels whos halo was a tad bit bent or crooked.. I giggled to myself as I wandered through my list.. thinking of who was going to get one of those SPECIAL angels. I imagined the happiness that would come to some that would open their gift and fall in love with their own personal angel. I thought about the smiles and the hugs that would follow and so I endured the urge to sit down and stop. I worked through the pain running up and down my back.. a shrugged off the many burns that followed and I finished the angels with pride and happiness.

If you find yourself this year with one of my angels… know that you are loved and know that I thought you were well worth the effort!

If you do not find yourself with one of my angels.. know that most likely I ran out of time, glass, or even skin on my fingers..LOL. I am one person and I can only do so much. I would love to be able to make every person I know a special gift.. but hey.. I’m not Santa Claus ya know! I am me and I do the best that I can.

Happy Christmas everyone.. and if you can’t make something yourself for your friends and family .. please think about purchasing gifts from someone that does. Handmade gifts are filled with love and care.

Many Blessings,
 Angel Guide

P.S. is a great place to find one of a kind, hand made gifts!

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2 Responses to An Angel Just For You

  1. Gayla Moore says:

    Holly: You are truly a friend, not just the best Marketing Director we’ve ever had! I love you! Gayla

  2. Gayla Moore says:

    Holly: You are great, not just the best Marketing Director we’ve ever had; but truly a friend! Love ya, Gayla

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