Conversations from the Sauna

Mushy Content – Beware!

Well you guys should know me well enough by now to know that this was coming at some point in the holiday season. I always have to take a moment from time to time to reminisce about how I met my husband. This time it all started with conversations from the sauna. I beginning to think that I could nearly start a whole new blog just about the conversations that go on in the sauna. I’m not sure if it’s the heat that gets to everyone or being in such a tiny, little room with strangers or the stress of working out. Usually the sauna is the last stop before leaving the gym… so you are already worn out, tired and somewhat off your game by the time you make it to the sauna.. so something inside you just begins pouring out! I love the sauna!

Today’s conversation started with “what’s for lunch?” and then somehow worked its way around to this fella telling me how he met his wife. I had told this guy about my husband being from England and how he says all the take out around here was shite compared to back home and then he began his story.

He tells me that he’s from Bowling Green Kentucky.. just up the road from us and his wife is from Gallatin.. again not far from where we are now… but him and his wife met in England of all places! Two people so close for all their lives and then to meet so far away in another country. I love how the universe works in its mysterious ways. If it is meant to be .. then somehow… it always is.

Ok, now that he has told me his story .. I start thinking about my own fairytale. Back in 2002 when the internet was just becoming really popular and addictive I found myself in some random chatroom. I didn’t understand how chatrooms even worked at the time.. it seemed all confusing to me. So many different conversations going on at once it was impossible to follow and even harder to get a word in. I sat there and just watched conversations rolling by trying to figure out who was talking to who when I saw my name up on the screen. It was HIM … he just wanted to chat.. so we privately chatted for a little bit .. mostly about nothing at all .. I have no clue the length of time that went by or how the conversation ended.. I just know it was a nice conversation about nothing.

A week or so went by and he popped up on my messenger one afternoon at work.. he said something like “remember me?” Oh yes.. I remember it was the only good conversation I had that also hadn’t been some pervert wanting me to flash him my boobs or something.

After that afternoon I think we spoke every night after.. I’m unsure but it sure seemed like it. I fell in love with him before I saw his face and before I had even heard his voice. There was nothing particular that I could tell you that drew me in.. it was just him. Everything about him .. nothing particular that he had said or done… just him.

The first night we spoke on the phone I’ll never forget. He had bought a phone card and only wanted to speak for a moment or so and then save the rest of the minutes so we could speak again another night… but we used up every minute that night and we went right out and bought another card.  What did we talk about? Everything and Nothing! There was this connection and this feeling that came with hearing each other voice.. a feeling like no other. I cannot even describe to you how it felt.. just that it was something unexplainable and beyond amazing. We both were grinning from ear to ear through the whole conversation… I still do just thinking about it.

To say it was a magical feeling is an understatement. When two souls come together that have always meant to be .. it is something that has to be felt to understand. Words don’t exist to describe the feeling.

Heavy sigh… I am so thankful to the internet, yahoo chatrooms and boredom(that’s what took me into the chatroom to begin with)!

May each of you find your happily ever after.

Many Blessings,
 Angel Guide

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