My Christmas Wish

My wishes don’t cost money .. only a little of your consideration and time
Please bear with me while I turn my wishes into a Christmas rhyme

I wish for everyone to know what it’s like to feel loved and blessed
and I wish for for you to have less worries and a whole lot less stress

I wish for you to know the magic that surrounds us every day
and I wish for fewer obstacles to get in your way

I wish for you that the years be kind
and I wish for many happy moments to fill your heart and mind

I wish for you to know a love that is everlasting and true
and I wish for angel blessings to always follow you

I wish for you to know a kiss and a hug can cure all things
and I wish you happy smiles every time you see butterfly wings

I wish for all your dreams become reality
and I wish you to know that within you is the ability

May the spirit fill you.. not only now but every day
These are my Christmas wishes for you and they are on their way

I placed them carefully upon butterfly wings
So that they’ll be carried to the heavens as the bluebird sings

Merry Christmas
 Angel Guide

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