The life of the raven

Inspired by the world around us.. the seen and unseen.. the known and unknown. I fall in love with the seasons and I am in awe of the magic that flows upon each current of wind. Watching the world from my perch high above the ground… I have seen it all… Pain, love, torture, despair, hope, freedom, hatred and kindness.  From my walk I have witnessed it all … from my flight I have survived it all .. and from my heart I have healed from it all.

From the eye of the raven… there is love
From the heart of the raven…there is love
From the life of the raven… there is nothing but love.

Many Blessings,
 Angel Guide

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2 Responses to The life of the raven

  1. Gayla Moore says:

    We’re all simply messengers, we’re not meant to be here on this old earth forever; let’s share and walk together.

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