True Vision

Have you ever had a dream or a vision or even a thought or feeling and it turn out to be true?

I bet you have.. many of us have at some point in time.

My question for you is this:

When that dream, vision, feeling or thought turned out to be true … how did it make you feel? And why after it passed did you not continue believing in yourself?

Did you dismiss it as coincidence?

Did you flick it away as if nothing more than wishful thinking that just happened to be right?

Why not believe in yourself and your own inner knowing?

Don’t be afraid to follow your insticts and that inner knowing that stirs inside us all.

Take a moment to think back over all of the years you have lived so far… think of the moments when you felt something about a situation, person or moment and whether or not you listened to that inner knowing or not and then how you felt when it turned outto be true. Oh and lets not forget thos popular words we all mutter to ourselves “I should have known” or “I knew it!”  or “I should have listened to myself” or “why did I doubt myself”.

Think about all those moments and then answer my original question: Why not believe in yourself and your own inner knowing?

Many Blessings,
 Angel Guide

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2 Responses to True Vision

  1. betsyanne says:

    I have had feelings like that a lot. I used to think they were not that important, until I made some major decisions without believing in my own feelings and intuition. Nowadays I pay a lot more attention. Also, leaving time to relax before making final decisions also helps me now. I think that being calm helps my intuition manifest more freely. Most of the time I can make the time to do that now, instead of always thinking I have to decide everything too quickly. Neat posting! I like it.

    • Raven Guide says:

      yes if we let fear, anxiety or stress consume us during those times of decision making or change our judgement gets clouded and confused.. we then worry and stress about making the wrong choice or decision.


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