January Full Moon – Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon, also known as the Cold, Snow, or Winter Moon, is a time of protection and strength. While it is the first full Moon of the year, in terms of nature it occurs in the middle of the cold winter season, a season of death and desolation when the trees and the land is bare. In these respects, the Wolf Moon can be seen as a time of both beginnings and endings. It’s time to start thinking of what you want to plant and plan for the spring.

Now is the time to get all your planning done.. and ready everything you will need to put your furure plans in action.

Don’t forget to step outside and soak up a bit of that full moon magic tonight. Also now is a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals with that full moon energy.. place them outside or in your windows so that they can capture that moon magic.

Many blessings,
 Angel Guide

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