Messages from Spirit

I have been feeling all day the draw to post something but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what it was. So I sat here in from of my pc trying to figure out exactly what it is I’m being urged to post and then it happens! So many messages .. quick and sparatic and I realize .. oh ok.. I get it .. it’s that time again for me to be the messenger and send out a few notes.. not just to one but to many. Soooooooooooo… here we go… ENJOY!

Message 1. The pain WILL go away…. it may feel like this is permanent but it’s not .. by Spring the pain will miraculously dissappear.

Message 2. NEVER ever be afraid of the dark. We must have both light and dark for balance. The light shows us how dark it can get when it’s gone and the dark shows us how bright the light can truly be. Fear neither. It is what is inside us that matters .. nothing more.

Message 3. Gardening is the answer. You’ve been wanting to get to know nature better .. you”ve been aching to be out in the midst of nature. Get ready for Spring is coming and it will be early this year.. plan your garden now and get yourself out there and plant. You will become to know the healing forces of the Earth so myuch better by digging in and getting your hands a little dirty.

Message 4. Love is coming.. your wait will be over soon.. just know that you’ll not be finding it in an expected place.. totally unexpected and it will be one of those ah ha moments when you realize what and who it is. You already know I’m talking about you just by reading this the hair stands on end and chill bumbs show themselves 🙂 .

Message 5. Your intuition is spot on and so are your dreams. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself .. it’s time you start trusting in your own abilities.  There truly is no need to seek others for answers that you already have inside yourself. Oh and stop beating yourself up.

Message 6. The answers are clearly in front of you every single day. You simply have a choice to acknowledge those answers or to continue turning a blind eye to what you already know is there.

Message 7.  The house you’ve been looking at is trash.. I’m sorry but I wanted to type something else but TRASH is the word that came to me very clear and strong… something is very wrong with this house that cannot be seen but you sense it .. walk away now.. this will be a money pit.

Many Blessings and good luck on your journies,
 Angel Guide


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4 Responses to Messages from Spirit

  1. betsyanne says:

    Thanks, Raven! As usual, I got a lot out of this posting. Keep up the good works.

  2. Katelyn speed says:

    Thanks so much raven! I needed this, I sent a plea to the goddess yesterday and I think u were a tool in answering it! I feel more at peace thank you!

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