Hearing Your Own Call

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Some call it our purpose.. some use the word destiny… and others a calling.

There is this vibration inside each of us that when we are on our correct path, when we are using the gifts we are born with, when we follow our instincts and are being our true selves.. that is when this vibration sings. When the vibration isn’t singing we feel lost and we search for ways to make it sing. We may not understand where this desire comes from but it is there and it pulls us and calls to us to be our truest self.

There is a feeling so pure and it hums like the buzzing of bees in the hive. This feeling resonates deep within our core and when we are spot on, doing what we do best.. what we are meant to be doing .. this feeling grows so intensely that the light within us shines so brightly it seems to light the whole world… or at least our own worlds.

Knowing your calling is there with you … inside you at all times, this is the first step in understanding. Pay more attention to your feelings and when you feel your best.

What are you doing when you feel your best?
What have you created, said or done?
Where are you?
Are you at home, at work, playing?

Life passes by us so quickly .. we often overlook our own selves.. we forget to get in touch with our own inner being. Quite often we also push our own needs to the side to take care of others. Take some time today for yourself. Take the time to understand your own feelings and take mental notes of when you feel your best and then do more of that!

Many blessings,
 Angel Guide

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1 Response to Hearing Your Own Call

  1. betsyanne says:

    Again a thoughtful posting. I have a lot of things I am interested in, so I am trying them all. 🙂

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