Places Under the Rainbow

Here you will find links to people and places that I love the most… these will be people and places that influence, inspire, create and beautify the world we live in. Please take a moment to visit these links … you never know what gifts are waiting for you and are just a click away.

Uniquely Yours – No better officiants to complete the bond of marriage than these two loving people. Ordained and licensed to perform weddings, renewals, commitment ceremonies  and civil unions.

Bear Medicine Walker  – Enjoy the stories and writing of a truly great soul.

The Wolf and the bear  – a blogtalk radio show …Bringing the walls down… to find the common ground of the People!

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine – Quartz crystal mine just outside of HotSprings Arkansas – my favorite place ever to dig up the hidden treasures Mother Earth provides.

Lizzy Star – Beautiful and Meaningful jewelry.. Lizzy does more than design great gifts… she is as well a great gift to the world.

Betty Turner – not only a great stained glass artist an amazing teacher. You have to check out her beautiful work and if you are interested in learning how to make stained glass… she’s the teacher I recommend!

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – an author who’s gift is touching the hearts of others with words of great love and wisdom.

Mortgage Investors Group – The BEST mortgage company Tennessee has to offer!

Zierra Myst – an awesome metaphysical shop in Mt. Juliet that carries everything you’ll ever need.

Aristo Media

Jonny Lipford – Inspiring music from a very talented soul

Joseph Strider – a musical soul you must visit.

Keith Johnson – Great artist creates beautiful work.

Gabriel Ayala – He has a musical talent like no other.

Matt Harber – his woodwork is beyond amazing.

Brenda MacIntyre – Brenda’s healing work is a true gift.. nothing short of amazing.

James Riverstone – I’m not even sure I have words to define James.. just visit his site.. you won’t be sorry.

Kyle Gregory – Looking for a Nashville area photographer that does fantastic work? Check out Kyle Gregory. While you are there check out his blog too!

Maria Picciano – Truly gifted Photographer

Mychal Royal – another really great artist!

Ralis Kahn – THE BEST makeup artist ever!!!

The Stonekeepers – a metaphysical shop that is filled with amazing energy. If you are ever in Murfreesboro .. you MUST stop in for a visit and see for yourself all the treasures inside.

Scoobie Schneider – if you are looking for a photographer in the Nashville area.. look no further!

Sean Jackson – a very gifted intuitive and great all around person to know!

5 Responses to Places Under the Rainbow

  1. ramona says:

    Thanks!!! honored to be in your favorites list! Miss seeing you!

    • Hear The Raven's Call says:

      I know .. I always look forward to visiting the Murfreesboro office because that means I get to come see you and visit the store and soak up some of its amazing energy!

  2. Pattie says:

    Aww…thanks for adding us. You know we love you, and if I knew how to do this kind of stuff, and make fancy lists and blogs and stuff, you’d be right at the top!!!!! LOVE YA

    • Hear The Raven's Call says:

      hee hee .. well I only speak the truth .. you both do such a great job! You’re the best!

  3. Thank you so much for including Zierra Myst, excited about the class coming up and CONGRATS
    on being First on “Toast of Music City Award” Well Deserved

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