Let’s Get Inspired!!

It’s SPRING!!! What a beautiful time of the year … oh and today is a full moon… even better!

Inspiration is all around us with new life popping up everywhere you turn…. Take some time, get yourself out in the sunshine and enjoy a little bit of what Mother Nature has gifted us all with.

A tree will sit in waiting all winter long … waiting to let loose the fabulous foilage inside… now that’s what I call patience!

I’ve been watching the trees go from bare to green from my office window and it’s amazing how just within 1 day you can see the growth…

I am in awe  and inspired by Mother Nature.. so much beauty she brings… the birth of new life everywhere you look… if you can’t get inspired by that .. then I don’t know what else to tell you.

Do something creative today … in honor of Mother Nature and the Full Moon… you’ll be amazed at how good that can make you feel 🙂

I think I’ll go out in the garden and collect things to make a fairy fort….
Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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