Come …. look in my eyes… does it seem familiar?

That look is determination. You see I have a goal and I mean to reach that goal, no matter what it takes.. no matter how much it hurts .. no matter how tired I may be .. no matter what anyone else says, thinks or does… my plan is to stand face to face with my goal and look it straight in the eyes. It may not happen tomorrow, next week or next month… but IT WILL HAPPEN! As long as I tell myself daily that my goal is within reach and I walk in the direction of that goal, doing what needs to be done to reach it.. IT WILL BE MET!

So now I will keep pushing .. keep walking forward and with each day that I do what I need to do to reach my goal, I shall grow with excitement knowing that somewhere down my path … my goal and I will stand face to face .. side by side .. looking each other straight in the eye!

I will not quit .. I will not just sit and wait any longer. I have a goal and I intend on meeting it!

D E T E R M I N A T I O N … brought to you by another 8 miles on the bike!

Many Blessings,
Angel Guide

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